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Friday, 23 November, 2007

Serial blasts rock UP !

Blasts have once again shook the nation. This time it was India's largest state, U.P.'s (Uttar-Pradesh) turn to bear the brunt of the unholy radical religious extremist's attack. The banned Islamic ultras, HuJI (HQ - Bangladesh) and Jaish-e-Mohammad are believed to have carried out these diabolical acts.

This is not the first time that militants have killed people or bombed or attacked places of national interests and it doesnt seem to be the last either. Many innocents have died, filling me with grief and sorrow. However the politicians have again disappointed me. The cruel leg-pulling and blame-game by these irresponsible politicians fuel my anger towards them. When will they come together? and act responsibly when the nation is gripped in sorrow?
God, give them senses!

Every time blasts occur or terrorists carry out attack, the government representative gives a speech claiming India cannot be harmed by such acts, Indian spirit lives and so on.. This is followed by strained relations with neighbors(Pakistan and Bangladesh) for few weeks. Vigilance is increased in all cities and chiken neck regions. People travelling in buses and trains look at each other with suspicion. This is the best - Malls can be seen carrying out frantic frisking and other security measures. All of sudden; people, police everybody move around in high alertess.
1 Weeks...2 Weeks... 3Weeks....
Then, all these start fading. The government,People, everybody forget the blasts and casualness once again prevails till one more blast occurs.

This is the ground situation in India.
Till when will all these continue ? Till when will India continue to be a soft target ?

Today, in the name of Islam and Free Kashmir; thousands of Muslims are being brain-washed in Madrassas and training camps prominently spread across Pakistan, Bangladesh. Illiteracy and poverty assist them in metamorphing into a fighting tool.
Insurgency is the tool being used and facilitated by Pakistan's ISI and other government agencies when conventional armed tussle with India for Kashmir has failed. They plant sleeper cells through out India to carry out their diabolical acts. Today, these radicals have turned up against the Pakistan government. Many parts of Quasi-Taliban inspired Baluchistan, Waristan and North-West Frontier Province, once land of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan is on boil. Its like fighting the mythical creature Hydra, it simply resurfaces even after all actions taken against them by Musharuff.

Why is it that this sub continent simply fails to understand, that the more you fall for extremist ideology, anarchy is to follow soon. How can one religion come in the path of the other? When did any religion teach this? How can you curtail a man his freedom? His freedom of speech, his freedom to express, his freedom to question and understand his religion with clarity?

Today, this cancer is spreading majorly upon Islam, tomorrow it might take in some other religion. I strongly believe that the Islamic moderates must come forward and help in steering the tender minds from being brain-washed. Proper religious guidance, literacy, and help from government to inculcate them in the mainstream from isolation will repair the damage.


bahrain man said...

don't say that muslims are being brain washed into terrorists in madrassas. coming from a muslim country after living there for a decade , i know for a fact that madrassas teach "islam" and not how to kill people in the name of god.

in the poorer islamic nations like pakistan and in some parts of india, it's the twisted interpretations of islam and jihad that a few force onto each others making them believe that it's right to kill in the name of god.

no religion preaches that, not even islam.

SBF said...

Yes Bahrain Man,
I firmly believe that Islam never preaches violence. Infact no religion can preach it.

It seems the line in the post was interpreted as all madrasas are responsible for the ultras.

I stand by what u say, madrassas teach religion and study of Islam.

However, some madrassas wrongly interpret religion and help in cultivating youths towards radical violent ideology and their numbers are increasing rapidly.
Bangladesh,Pakistan are filled with such madrassas and now even in India. thats what i meant by many are being brain-washed in madrassas spread across indian sub-continent . It never meant madrassas are terrorist training camps.

Hence, moderate islamists must come forward to help the community .

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