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Saturday, 28 February, 2009

Kerala Train Trip : a trip that tripped me !

..contd from prev.

Afternoon changed into evening and night and still the tunnels were far from over. I had a peaceful Malayali dinner of Lemon Rice and Kaiypekya Theiyal, to which I silently protested but ate minimal to survive. It was late for many and the lights in the coach were quickly going off. Being a nocturnal Mumbaikar, I prefer to stay wake at nights and gaze out of windows upon the starry night sky - pure and unpolluted by city light until I fall asleep. I was determined to utilize the night hours and use it to reflect upon the credits and debits of my life and meditate upon the my decision to shift to IT from Chemical. I had plugged my ear phones and connected it to my Motorola SLVR L7 mobile cum MP3 Player to reduce ambient noise and disturbances.

It was around 11 pm and my brain had pressed the log off button. I fell asleep in no time being softly rocked by the train. It was unusually cold and I had to adjust the thick blanket to maintain warm temperature. However my face was badly exposed and I was directly under the cold air blower. My nose was as cold as ice! In an hour, my body started giving indications of uneasiness and discomfort. It was 12:15am when i found myself shivering but my neck and brow were sweating. I was too sleepy to make sense of this anomaly and was busy trying to think of what is wrong and apply relative temperature stuff. ie. whether my hands are icy cold or is it my neck that's heating up ? Either could give the same sense or feeling. However I had neglected the shivering and sweating. In half an hour, i was shivering very badly and my stomach had started aching due to the violent shivers. The pain in stomach robbed me of the remaining sleep throughout the journey. My past experiences with gas trouble and stomach aches due to my sedentary life had made me hyper on even a slight stomach ache, making me drink all possible syrups and tablets. Suddenly my fever started shooting up and I panicked. I had a Crocin and hoped my sufferings would subside. I was praying for the dark hours to pass off swiftly. However the time had come to a screeching halt and I found it crucifying to see that only five minutes had passed since my previous observation! My disaster management board in my brain activated Operation Valkyrie to prevent chaos and panic mask my better senses!

I popped in an another tablet and exchanged my berth with my mother's. She was more than happy to exchange as she found the region around her berth to be extremely hot. I thought it must be another of her usual notions she has due to her thyroid fluctuations. I was more than relived to be away from the icy cold Arctic like berth of mine. However my joy was short lived as this berth was indeed getting hot and I started sleeping without any extra insulation. However the shivers started again and my tummy started paining again. I started understanding the seriousness of the issue and started thinking of whether it could be an appendix inflammation or hernia as my friends have described it? However my shivering was still unexplained for!

I decided to relive myself in the loo and went out of the Ac cabin. Just moving out of the cabin itself was a relief. Somehow, the constant cool air step input on my face initially triggered a body rejection of the temperature condition inside the cabin. I spent most of the night outside of the cabin like I was on vigil while others pondered at my decision to spend money for the Ac and spend the night outside. I still do not completely know what possibly went wrong but my parents point at my nocturnal study life as the culprit. I dunno!

I had pleaded with God before commencing the journey to make it eventful and it seems He ensured it in His own way! My idea of clicking pics next morning of the beautiful Kayals and back-waters on North Kerala failed as I had lost all energy and enthusiasm with the events of previous night. I simply wanted to reach my Uncle's place at the earliest!

Thursday, 26 February, 2009

Finally, a solution for winamp 5.541 and gtalk music track status clash

Aha! Finally I have put to rest an issue that has been dogging me for some time.

Whenever I played the latest updated version of Winamp along with GTalk (Google application) with its status kept as "Show current music track", my GTalk used to freeze and refuses to work in tandem with Winamp. This was untill I came across a nice tech site (unfortunately I forgot the name) which suggested me the solution. The site author writes he recently chanced upon the solution provided by another man on the net.

The solution is so simple that it may seem stupid bit it works and is nothing less than magic!

  1. Goto the winamp installed folder
  2. Create a file called winamp.m3u
  • Goto windows explorer menu and uncheck the hide file type before creating a new file and renaming it as winamp.m3u
Voila! Thats it. Now start the winamp and gtalk wont freeze when status is kept as music track!

Wednesday, 25 February, 2009

Passing emotions and thoughts.rar

This Monday, I woke up to the loud noises from TV. Before I could make sense of the din, suddenly the noise level amplified exponentially and my mom rushed in to tell me that Rahman had won an Oscar. I was not even slightly amused as everything else has lower priority to my sleep.

It was Oscar morning(in India) and much of India was glued to the Idiot boxes praying for Oscar that has eluded Indian work or Indian theme for a long time. Smile Pinky and Slumdog millionaire were the Indian connection films/documentaries nominated for this year's Oscars.

I got off my bed and managed to watch the ending few minutes of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood which was being masked by Bollywood. Danny Boyle and his fellas were frequenting the stage a lot. Well, they had won or I must say sweeped the Oscars with 8 awards. Smile Pinky had won award in the Documentary section. My congratulations to Danny Boyle and his entire team along with the people involved with Smile Pinky.

SlumDog millionaire - I was thinking of its Hindi counterpart and the word 'jhoppadpatti' - a term commonly used with slums and shanties came into my mind. It has 'patti' at its suffix which in Malayalam means dog and I ponder whether jhoppadpatti actually means slumdog ? Anyways if you ask me whether the film was worth the Oscar ? I haven't watched the other movies in contention but have watched movies of yesteryear's that have won oscars. Slumdog millionaire feels more like a regular cliche filled bollywood movie rather than a Oscar Movie. It has nothing new for me or anything that inspires me except the randomness and 'anything for love' style. I find the initial dialogues of police constable played by our own "kallu-mama" in English very odd. The strange ascent and the fact that pandus are speaking in English looks artificial to me. Also, the thick British ascent of Dev Patel is quite evident. However the movie has helped in bringing the Bollywood into Hollywood which I hope will result in better and more collaborations between the two Goliaths. I would love to see more sensible movies made in Bollywood rather than the item songs injected masala movies.

The previous semester I created a personal record. I managed to finish around 90GB of Movie -Documentary watching and am still cruising ahead with no side effect on my academics. Whoa! I recently bought 3 National Geographic Society Magazines(Old editions) for 50 Indian Rupees from Matunga. Though old, still it is worth reading and gazing at the excellent photographs. My Flickr free account photo limit is nearing and Flickr has started threatening me with deletion of my initial photos to accommodate new photos unless i pay and upgrade. I dunno whether I should pay or reduce pic taking while increasing the quality of photos.

Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

Help Gaurav Tandon!

Hello there, Earthlings and Orkians! Kayo!

Its just the hangover from wiki-ing (like googling) about the old American sitcom Mork and Mindy lately and my personal favorite. Used to watch it in my school days on Star World.

A few days back, a fellow musketeer from our band of four; informed me of Gaurav Tandon and his hardship. Gaurav suffers from a rare disease (Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of blood cancer) and needs immediate medical attention or treatment. The costs of the treatment would surpass a crore Indian rupees and is beyond the financial scope of his family or his relatives. His wife teaches in an Engineering college in Mumbai and thats where my fellow musketeer studies.

He is suffering from AML and needs bone marrow transplant which might require treatment in US or UK or Singapore. The treatment initial cost is being estimated to surpass 1 Crore Indian Rupees. His regular health and news updates are constantly being put up on the website.

More Details about the person, his health, contact details, Reports, Updates and others can be obtained at,
So how can you help ?

  1. Donate money yourself

  2. Spread the word and request people to donate money

  3. Help us find right Donor for Bone Marrow Transplant

  4. Help us sale Gaurav's Flat at Thakur Village in Kandivili, Mumbai.

  5. If you have, share information such as important contacts

  6. Pray for speedy recovery

  7. If you have time or resources at your disposal and still do not know how you can contribute, please write to Vishal Kekre at
Money can be donated through various institutions, wires, and even paypal.

Tragedies can and will strike anyone with no prior intimation. Though we have little control over it, we can make a difference by ensuring Gaurav gets the treatment he needs. People speak of encountering such appeals everyday and every hour and face a dilemma of whom to help. We must help all possible people we can help, as someday the roles can get reversed and we could become the pleaders. Like a doctor, we must not loose hope or loose vigor and must help those in need in all feasible ways and leave the rest with the Providence. Please help him and help bring back happiness in their lives

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