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Wednesday, 9 July, 2008

LEFT has Left !

Left has finally left the Congress led UPA after years and years of threats to pull out. After all, there is a limit to how much you can nag and black mail. No wonder, the stock market showed very little concern over this issue. In fact the market heaved a little sigh of relief and went into positive The LEFT policy of "Support from outside to UPA "after the Lok-Sabha election became clear to be "Oppose from Inside". Seems like the LEFT had done their English grammar homework well ! Had Chanakya been alive today, he would have been happy to add one more chapter to his treatise - Arthashastra on
"how efficiently you can make the ruling party inefficient by supporting them rather than sit out as opposition party."
The LEFT has withdrawn from the UPA as UPA went ahead with the Nuclear Deal against the wishes of LEFT. It blames the UPA government of giving more importance to Indo-US Nuclear Deal while neglecting spiraling inflation, commodity prices and others. I simply cannot understand, were they not part of the government ? Isn't it part of their responsibility to help government chalk out a plan to curb the crisis affecting India and government. Left simply tells this is wrong, that is wrong! but when it comes to action plan they turn their faces away! They simply want to act as deterrents within the government. They speak the language of Opposition party in the skin of Supporting party! Was it this that the Lakhs of voters who voted for Left wish to see ? A party with no action plan but with advisories. Left must have the spine to accept responsibilities and also most importantly adopt an optimistic attitude!

My coldness towards the Indian LEFT is chiefly because they hardly think and when they think it is too late. They simply make decisions with their heart and never use their brains. Their policies towards US are obsolete and irrational. The simple fact that other Left induced nations are progressing and accepting the principles of capitalism hardly triggers anything in their head. Years of LEFT rule in W-Bengal and Kerala has hardly alleviated the sufferings of poor. The popular saying is that LEFT requires poverty to survive. It is quite funny that Left Government in W-Bengal is literally in arms against the poor peasants over the Singur issue. I was surprised to see gundas and henchmen owing allegiance to Left raping women and killing peasants who oppose the Singur Deal. Today the Left is failing miserably to adapt to the new world and is still stuck in the age old principles which are irrelevant today. They must understand "Change is the only thing that doesn't change.Change is imminent". Left must change its approach towards the western nations. It must understand no country out there wishes to be our ally without any personal gains. Hence the party must keep the National interest over idealogical issues to extract the deals which are useful for India.

PS : Leftists please take a page out of China's policies and their progress chart.

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