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Thursday, 21 February, 2008

My Sony DSC W80

Hi there! Check out some of the pics I have captured.
Your feedback is highly essential for an amateur like me!

Camera Model : Sony Digital Still Camera(DSC) W80
for other photo and camera properties simply download and go through the exif data

(1) My Motorola SLVR L7's back
(2) A flower blooming in my small balcony
(3) The new 2 rupee coin
(4) A Mosquito positioning itself on the aluminum frame.
(5) life inside a earthen flower pot
(6) A Mynah in deep thought! (maybe worried about rising pollution!)

Wednesday, 20 February, 2008

My tryst with L7 flashing

Finally, after a long long wait I have managed to flash my mobile.

My phone Motorola SLVR L7 has got a new look, new interface and many functions unlocked!

I have used Flash and Backup (fb3.0) and a monster-pack. Monster pack contains Firmware, Flex, DSP Firmware, Language Pack,DRM Graphics) necessary for the mobile. First time flashers generally prefer flashing the entire monster-pack than flashing individuals like Firmware or language Pack, etc.

L7 has (I suppoz most of Motorola mobiles have) a special mode for flashing called boot loader mode. Simply switch off the mobile followed by pressing the " * " , " # " and " shut down button " (see picture). Using comp and software like fb or RSDlite or others, L7 and other moto phones can be flashed

Warning : Charge your baterry to max before starting. Though its an easy and clean process, plz avoid flashing if there is a power-cut problem or ur phone USB connectivity snaps in-between. Basically, ur phone must not face any interruption during flashing.(messages calls wont matter). This is not a manual for flashing but my experience with flashing.

First, I installed the motorola drivers software package ( latest is easily available, simply search it online). It is needed because ur comp must recognise and work properly in the boot-loader mode.

I downloaded a monster-pack from or download whatever part you wish to flash. Some monsterpack dont work properly on some s/w. so check ur flex and s/w and whether ur monsterpack is compatible with it before flashing.

Moto L7 has a restriction of being able to play mp3 songs with bitrate less than or equal to 192kbps. I wished to remove it. Hence i downloaded the 192 bitrate patching software from internet. Using RandomSHX.exe application, I opened my monster pack (it is in *.shx extension) to various bin files. Then using the patching software, ran the software and appended the specified bin file(generally it is the file with 2 in its filename and file extension as .bin and around 13Mb). After that I reran the RandomSHX and converted the *.bin files back into a single *.shx file.

I connected my phone and ran the Fb3.0 and backed all my messages, contact lists and initial flex, firmware etc. (check the read data menu). While saving, it might take ur phone into boot-loader mode or u might have to connect ur phone in boot-loader mode. If it asks for a driver, simply direct it to the place where u had earlier installed the drivers.

Then, start the fb3.0 and go for write data. Select the *.shx file you wish to flash( in my case it was the monsterpack that i had patched) and follow the simple instuctions. When the flashing starts, Plz dont remove connection or abort it or turn off the comp or anything. Simply wait patiently. it will be over in a jiffy! else you could damage ur mobile forever (sometimes even a dead mobile!)


the 3 key combination to launch boot-loader and the boot loader screen

flash and backup 3.0 screen with read data menu

Benefits :

Jar/corelet applications like Itunes, Phonemanager will now work (In my case, my earlier s/w didnt allow them).

I have got a 12 icon menu

Mp3 files with bitrate more than 192 kbps works.

video recording is possible in ( Color, Blue, red, green, Sepia, B&W modes)
video recording is now in mp4 format with increased mbs of recording. (yes, earlier it was around 1 minute or less. Now time doesnt matter. U can simply go on recording in Mbs)
these video changes can also be brought about by seem editing.

Themes have changed. You can add new themes or put in old themes using Skiman.

The most important, I have placed a new step in the form of flashing and custom editing my wonderful phone!

Monday, 18 February, 2008

My electrician's vision

Finally, I have managed to bring the wonderful world of Internet back to my bedroom. After two tough months of internet blackout things seem to be settling back!

The culprit seems to have been EMI ! No, it's not related to Interest rates but refers to Electro-Magnetic Interference. Yes, the same EMI that is audible and even visible on TV or Computer Monitor when a mobile/walkie-talkie is close by or calls/messages are recieved/sent near it.

Few years back, my great electrician had envisaged to build a electrical masterpiece by hiding the telephone wires behind or under electric wires. He seems to have taken extra care to twist the wires at perfect 90 degree or more to ensure that the tele. wires toe-line the path he has laid. In the process he crucified the telephone wire at many points to abate its stubbornness. As the final blow, he passed the wires below the electric switch board and placed the telephone socket adjacent to it. My brave telephone wire managed to put up a brave fight till January08 before succumbing to the injuries! The intenet cable snapping near Alexandria aggravated the situation.
My broadband and dial-up internet connection failed and my telephone started working like Graham Bell's first phone!

Finally, I managed to extract the telephone wire and reduce the EMI to some extent.
Wait till I get my hands on him!

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