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Monday, 18 February, 2008

My electrician's vision

Finally, I have managed to bring the wonderful world of Internet back to my bedroom. After two tough months of internet blackout things seem to be settling back!

The culprit seems to have been EMI ! No, it's not related to Interest rates but refers to Electro-Magnetic Interference. Yes, the same EMI that is audible and even visible on TV or Computer Monitor when a mobile/walkie-talkie is close by or calls/messages are recieved/sent near it.

Few years back, my great electrician had envisaged to build a electrical masterpiece by hiding the telephone wires behind or under electric wires. He seems to have taken extra care to twist the wires at perfect 90 degree or more to ensure that the tele. wires toe-line the path he has laid. In the process he crucified the telephone wire at many points to abate its stubbornness. As the final blow, he passed the wires below the electric switch board and placed the telephone socket adjacent to it. My brave telephone wire managed to put up a brave fight till January08 before succumbing to the injuries! The intenet cable snapping near Alexandria aggravated the situation.
My broadband and dial-up internet connection failed and my telephone started working like Graham Bell's first phone!

Finally, I managed to extract the telephone wire and reduce the EMI to some extent.
Wait till I get my hands on him!

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