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Monday, 25 August, 2008

Pakistan : Friend or Fiend ?

I am forced to ponder, when and where, India will draw the Line and say "Pakistan, this is it. One more step and pay the price". I am no extreme rightist or nationalist, but a peace loving countryman wishing to live alongside Pakistan amicably. However, I am deeply concerned over the growing ISI and Pakistan sponsored militancy in India. Not a month passes when an Indian common-man or armed personnel is not killed or hurt by I.S.I. sponsored activities.

Pakistan is my country's biological sibling who left the family in 1947 after years of spilling blood over separation and ownership. In 1947, after the old, stubborn tenant - Britain was evicted and the old house was brought down; two new houses were constructed next to each other
, namely India and Pakistan

Partition or division of ancestral wealth was not enough. Pakistan wanted the princely states to side with Pakistan and went to great lengths to accomplish so. Kashmir is one such example. When Hari Singh of J&K princely state was not willing to side with Pakistan, it dispatched Pakistani tribal warriors and rangers to capture Kashmir by force.

Pakistan has never grown up or matured. It envies India's glory, diversity, liberalism, democracy and stability. Pakistan always blames India for the religious, political, social, economic unrest in Pakistan. Pakistan fails to differentiate a friend from a foe. It considers India as its foremost enemy in all fields. All its policies are meant to act as deterrence against India. It spends a whooping portion of budget on arms & ammunition meant against India when its economy is crumbling. It uses the double edged sword of terrorism against India when conventional wars couldn't succeed. This terrorism is now backfiring. It has virtually lost all control over North West frontier provinces, SWAT, Waziristan, Baluchistan to name a few. It faces Al-Qaeda menace after decades of supporting and harboring their activities in Afghanistan and westen regions. It faces constant brutal suicide bombings by rival Muslim sects. Pakistan has always acted against the Geneva Conventions. It never recognizes Human rights and brutally treats POWs. Infact it still hasnt reclaimed bodies of rangers and of armymen who had fought the Kargil Proxy war. Its ISI has constantly beaten Indian consulate members and has implemented diabolical acts of terrorism. against India.

Pakistan's democracy is a failure. Multiple Military coup is the proof. It is a country where Army is the king maker and major player. It fails in the field of IT and other fields while India flourishes. Indians and Pakistanis have the same blood running in their veins. Both speak same dialects, languages, follow same traditions, customs and culture and share the same PAST. Indians and Pakistanis share the same brain and soul, after all we are brothers! Then why is Pakistan in such an horrible mess ? The country faces an ever lasting dillema as to who is the actual head ? Why is India excelling while Pakistan is plumetting to new lows?

Pakistan suffers from skewed vision. It fails to reconcile with India and come out clean. It misinterprets Islam and has misused the wonderful religion to spread hatred. It needs to alter its constitution to prevent another democratic miscarriage. It needs a complete religious, social, political and economic make over. It must focus on Industrial revolution rather than terrorist revolution. It must stop interfering in Indian matters and start minding its own matters. It must change its attitude and strategy to prevent an all out political, social, religious and economic turmoil.

But will it ?

Tuesday, 19 August, 2008

Kerala : God's Own Country but managed by Devil's Own People

Dont come after me over the title. You will hear this from many Malayalis themselves.

I just stumbled upon a blog and that seemed to share my views on Kerala.

This is a comment from the blog.

"Great initiative folks. I am a malayalee who has been in kerala till my graduation and even had contested election as chairman in one of the notorioulsy famous govt college in kerala:)). Thankfully sense prevailed to me and i left kerala for my MBA and from there i have only seen growth. Today i am an NRI and lead an american company abroad, but if someone asks me if i will ever invest in Kerala , the answer is a big NO. I love my country and i may even retire there but i see no sense in doing anything for the development of this state."

The Blog named "Dog's Own Country? - The Save Kerala Initiative" is an excellent blog with views on the never ending (worse than the Saas-Bahu Soap operas -i can bet millions of $) political gimmickry in Kerala and its effects on Malayalis.

Don't pity for the fellas getting beaten up by khaki clad policemen/women. These khadi clad people belong to the worst genre. They are the political activists or followers (worse than the politicians)

This my nariyall phod over the issue.
Wait for next blog.

Wednesday, 6 August, 2008

Ladies marooned on the Atlantis. Where r the Boats ?

Ladies marooned on the Atlantis
Originally uploaded by prashant maxsteel

Ladies queuing up on the right pavement, contemplating how to cross the river (I mean once a road!). I must say now Maruti Suzuki and Tata must concentrate not on Rs. 1 Lakh Car but on Rs 30,000 or around boats. well might save many lives in future.

Mumbai on Wheels n Legs

Mumbai on Wheels n Legs
Originally uploaded by prashant maxsteel

Man! Travel by 4 wheels or 2 Wheels or legs, you aint anything infront of the mighty Mumbai Monsoon and clogged drains.

Worst part, this ain't the normal rain-water, but the water gurgling up from the drains and getting diluted with the rain water !

Location : S.V. Road, Bandra, Mumbai

Mumbai- The New Atlantis

Mumbai- The New Atlantis
Originally uploaded by prashant maxsteel

It is low lying, with major portions reclaimed from sea. So going by the book, what u take from the Sea needs to be returned back. Now the Sea seems to be wanting it back !

Oh Come On! I don't blame the BMC completely for this at all ! They have other problems like Pot-Holes , open man holes, etc.
This photo was taken at S.V. Road, Next to IIPM, Bandra, Mumbai.
Seems like BMC fails to manage the road next to a buisness management school !

Monday, 4 August, 2008

Politics of Immigration and Mumbai 1

"All ye Flamingos n others! from Baikal and other lakes and regions in Cold north. Listen up!
Don't come to India during this Winter. Our Local Birds are not getting enough of water and food. You simply eat and drink and leave after the winter ! What do you give in return ? Why should we protect you ? Go back to your havens in north and find some other place for winter !"
Nowadays, Many Mumbaikars are searching for a meter or calibrator that can provide instant data on how much Marathiness you have in you and how much of a Mumbaikar you are ? :)

Gone are the days when you would proudly strut around saying "Hey! I am an Indian!". Today You can be either 'Urban Indian'
or Bhartian (Rural India) or Uttar Bhartiyite (states of UP, Bihar,etc) or 'SOUTH Indian' or simply 'MADRASIS' (the re-casted state from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP, Karnataka), and what not ! Now even Mumbaikar!

This trend must not be mistaken with pride for one's motherland or local flavor. This is Parochialism in its best form! Motherland fervor is simply a tool being used to awaken up the dormant serpent of doom ! (Ok! i take that back!) but yes this is an issue which must be looked upon. I see high scope for high potential and high voltage 'danga-phasaad' (Riots!) in future over Parochialism.

This is the reaction i can think of :

(Ignorant+Idiotic+brainwashed) Mob + (Ignorant/non & innocent) People

Politicians + Dirty Politics

Death of Democracy + (Local suffering) + (immigration shifts to better safer place.)

  • Mob will react upon instigation and initial help from Catalysts - Politicians and attack the Common public.
  • The reaction will be Exothermic and Heterogeneous.
  • Undesired result is very high. So yield (for good product, as believed by some that parochialism will give) is low.
  • Result is, People lose hope on democracy creating extreme polarisation, the locals suffer the most as economy, culture bleeds while immigrants detour and go to other places with greener pasture!

Every month I hear of threats emanating from Raj Thackeray's fortress with words of threat to bash up people they consider outsiders - The Immigrants. After his initial tryst with law over his speeches, he has started giving speeches that don't cross the line but neither is behind the line!
Nowadays they are focusing on Bihiaris and Upites whom they collectively bunch as bhaiyyas living in Munbai. They bring out skewed data showing Biharis and Upites are the root of all problem for Mumbai.

solve ?
x - [ Sqrt ( Mumbaikars' problems ) ] = 0

Voila !
if, x = Bhaiyyas!

MNS(Raj Thackeray's party) and some other like minded accuse outsiders of making Mumbai inhospitable, inhumane and dirty. I am sure many of the Localities had their origin in migration during British raj and even before that. (In fact, Humans have migrated from Africa! So by that logic, all of us are migrants! Just a simple extrapolation). So, Which year, month, date and time are they setting for defining Migrants and Locals ? Many of my friends are also getting swayed or polarized by this new magnetic field. They feel only bhaiyya cab drivers are ruthless and rude. They alone spit and defecate on roads. They are the only people who bring corruption into Government machinery. They usurp all the jobs meant for locals. They don't pay taxes and take back all they can to their native places.

By stats, only 3% Indians pay taxes honestly. Rest it is all Swaha! I am also sure 3% of India's population is not Maharashtrians alone. Can't be! So discriminating along the basis of payment/non payment is unjust.
Now, majority of bhaiyyas are employed in menial jobs and work on contractual basis as laborers, carpenters, plumbers,etc. Their earning is very low to be even taxed. Still they live in a costly city like Mumbai and pay for food, clothing and shelter. They don't bring food,clothing and shelter from their states. They pay and avail many of the services. What does the MNS expect these people to do by asking them to spend more in the state? They have hungry mouths to feed back home. Should they splurge more on unwanted non basic stuffs in the city or send the money back to quell the hunger ?
Corruption. I must say the politicians must speak the least on this matter. Aren't they the alumni and visiting faculty of the University of Corruption ? I have seen corruption amongst all irrespective of his/her region. Well at least, one one point the country stands together !
Many usually grumble; Bhaiyya Cabbies are very rude. I must ask such fellas to under a glaucoma and cataract test for their inner eye. Their vision is getting diminished. I have had experiences of bad cabbies from all regions. Well Indians, have forgotten courtesy and the 5 golden rules while interacting with customers.
Many feel all the outsiders who come into Mumbai live in slums and shanties defacing the beleaguered city. You must accept that Mumbai is a growing city and this must reflect on its physical boundary as well. The government must develop and take up newer better plans rather than wait for the judgment day! The BMC must be tough on slum establishments. Nip it in the bud. Make the message clear that Mumbai wont allow slum dwellings.

Also why target only Biharis and Upites ? when reports show majority of new comers to the city are from Rural Maharashtra. Over the years the Rural Maharashtra influx into Mumbai has exceeded Northies and Southies. I personally feel, Mumbaikars are completely dissatisfied with the lack of basic needs,infrastructure and other vital facilities and resources that any growing city needs. The political party MNS can sense this discontent, but instead of channelising it to pressurize the government to go on over drive with the pending projects, the party is blaming the outsiders over the issues. The party is trying to play the Marathi Asmita Card and divide the Mumbaikars as Localities and Outsiders. One thing must be accepted that, it is the contribution of Gujarati and Marwari Businessmen/women, Parsis' Entrepreneurship, South Indian Office and clerical staff, Bihari and UP carpenters, plumbers, watchmen, etc along with the Locals that gives the city its color. The city would not be where it is today without their contribution. MNS must stop poisoning youths. As city grows, people who cannot keep up wither away. Well thats the Natural Law of 'Only the Fittest Survive'. So If MNS feels Locals are loosing edge over others, I ask MNS to come forward and take up the initiative to educate/train Localities for the present scenario. Do what Shiv Sena once did ! Train Local Youths so that they can compete with others in all sectors. Make the facilities available to them.
Mumbai was a city developed (I must say joined & developed) by Britishers during British Raj with a vision for acceptable number of years. But then, after Independence years of Red -tapism, babudom (that's what i call going 'merry-go round' around Government babus and their offices), lack of vision, lack of urgency, corruption etc, Plans after Plans lay under and above heaps of more plans and recommendations in government offices. The government seems not in a hurry to undertake major overhaul of its infrastructure even though its Roads, Rail are bursting to its seams. Local Trains are really worse than the Hitler's Concentration camp transportation wagons. Every year, BMC speaks of flood less monsoons. This year the first rainfall itself showed the otherwise. Potholes are getting bigger so are the pockets of rich and holes in the poor. Man Holes remain open while BMC vehemently deny any such stuff and admonish US embassy over its travel advisory for Mumbai!
This city is going no where! The CM can enjoy luxury of his new posh jetliner while Mumbaikars are stuffed every day into Local Trains just to reach their office. The Government can envisage installing one more C.Shivaji.M. statue, this time in sea while Waterways remain closed for commoners.
The government has failed over security n times. People simply have become numb over this issue. This is the grim story of Mumbai (Maharashtra it is worse, maybe next time). MNS is simply exploiting the poor tired Mumbaikars !
Alas! People consider his fiery speeches as nice. God !

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