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Thursday, 10 May, 2007

Pastor attacked, conversions a need ?

A pastor was recently beaten and terrorized very badly by some masked teenagers in Rajasthan, India. It is alleged that the youths belong to the Hindu outfit, V.H.P./ Bajrang Dal. This is no first incident where Christian missionaries have been targeted. The reasons generally cited are forceful conversions, offering them money on conversion, faking miracles, targeting etc. I have been thinking about penning my thoughts about this, that another incident occurred in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

The questions that arise before me are :

Is the public loosing faith in the police and judicial system ?
Is the public even behind all these ?
Is minorities being targeted?
Is conversions really useful ?
What is the aim of Conversion ?
Why kill each other over religion ?

I am totally against such barbaric acts conducted by these self appointed guardians of the religion. Conversions occur in almost all religions. People must learn to be tolerant towards other religions. If conversion is carried on unlawful basis, inform the police. I am sure police will help in most cases, but unfortunately if they are not cooperating, call the Media, the powerful fourth estate. They are always looking around for sensational news. Use media to tell the world what is the ground situation.This will put pressure on the police and administration. How can u take the law into your own hands? The problem with this issue is that it is so sensitive that it can be misused by political parties and they have done so in the past. The result is Communal tensions and polarization of society. The political parties must act responsibly and prevent such acts by remaining within the framework of constitution. Instead of taking law into ones hands, they must assist the public and administration.

At the same time, what is the need for conversion? No religion asks for conversions. According to me it is the wrong interpretation of any religion. Religion must be used to guide the person towards the supreme truth. How can anyone offer, money and kind as bait for conversion ? Is it mere number of believers, that a religion should go after? I like listening to sermons and preaches of other religion. There is something to learn from every religion. After all, the aim of every religion is enlightenment and finding the aim of life. Every religion has some rituals and discipline which are necessary for its functioning. However, one mustn't get entangled in them as religion is a tool which enables us to entangle from the complex life cycle. Why cant one believe in Krishna, Allah or Christ at the same time? Even though approach is different, ultimate goal is same! In fact, do we understand our own religion deeply before converting otherwise it is simply futile!
Just like, if you stop drinking water from red mug and shift to yellow mug, the final goal of quenching thirst remains the same. Mug is immaterial!
This is just my view and is not aimed to hurt anybody or anyone's religious feelings. Please take it in the right spirit!

Plight of Fourth Estate in India

Reporting a news item has become really dangerous in India. If any particular group is dissatisfied with the article, arson and riots are their methods to show displeasure. The Fourth estate is under immense pressure when they report truth. It is difficult to express ones views openly in present times.

Today, the Madurai office of a Tamil political party mouthpiece was torched and bombed killing at least 2 people. Reports suggest that petrol bombs were also used. The newspaper had carried out a survey as to which son among the two will lead the political party after their father, the present leader. The results was not liked by one faction of the party and resulted in this barbaric, inhumane act. I have started thinking why call it inhumane, i should start calling it humane as these acts are increasing exponentially.

The main question to be asked is, Does our media have freedom of speech and expression? Is the society becoming intolerant and doesn't wish to see others point of view. These acts are not a good sign for a democratic nation like India. How can painters, musicians, film makers, media persons work in this atmosphere? How can democracy survive without them? How can we expect another renaissance, if they are not allowed freedom? Every political party has acted irresponsibly and continue to do so, keeping short term selfish goals in mind ? They use their muscle power to bring the entire village, town, city, state or even nation to standstill. They are the people who make mockery of democracy. The dalit fiasco in Ulhasnagar and Mumbai, the frequent bandhs in Kerala and W.Bengal, riots by shopkeepers in Delhi all have the same story to tell. When will they learn ?

Wednesday, 2 May, 2007

MotoSLVR L7 java applications

Unlike Nokia and Sony phones, few java files and applications exist for moto phones.
However the market is broadning and many companies like Gameloft S.A. are creating applications and games.
I have a good collection of games for L7. Interested users can try them by e-mailing me request. (I need to check the legal point of view before giving links or uploading them online).

Also the most important corelet available are Itunes from Apple and MediaViewer.

To install all these, please first install Motomidman, p2kman, Motokit and mototunes (or their equivalent) onto your computer. You can search them online or request me.

The procedure to install itunes and other softwares and much more in next posts.

MotoSLVR L7 specifications

Motorola SLVR L7 (now L7i has come) is the best phone in the under Rs 8000 range.
It is a class apart!
Its so slim ( 11.5 mm thick) and trendy; yet not compromised on the quality point.
Its so beautiful compared to the bulky N series Nokia mobiles and others.
Its keypad appears as if its wafer thin.
Its typical blue color from the keypad region adds to the beauty.
Also to be noted is that the keypad is light sensitive (ie. in region of darkness or less light, the blue light beneath keypad glows)

The screen or OSD is 176x200 TFT with 262K colours. I can personally bet that the screen display is better than V3i, Nokia 6600 or W550i.

The speaker is good enough and the headphone is excellent. The music quality is far better than Nokia or Sony phones of the same cost. Clarity is remarkable.

Bluetooth is little slow compared to Nokia and Sony phones. I havent tried bluetooth on other moto phones. Will tell u soon. Also all files cant be transferred or recieved on L7. However after modding and flashing this can be achieved.

The camera is VGA 640x480 max. resolution, 4x.zoom. However unlike the Nokia phones, which have the lens and its big border bulging out of the mobile; this fits very beautifully on the mobile.

For specific info;
official motorola company's spec

MotoSLVR L7 start

Hello folks, i ave decided to start a new label entirely dedicated to Moto SLVR L7 mobiles. Check it out for the features, applications, tweaks, java-corelet files, pc suites etc.

Mail me if u want something else

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