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Thursday, 10 May, 2007

Plight of Fourth Estate in India

Reporting a news item has become really dangerous in India. If any particular group is dissatisfied with the article, arson and riots are their methods to show displeasure. The Fourth estate is under immense pressure when they report truth. It is difficult to express ones views openly in present times.

Today, the Madurai office of a Tamil political party mouthpiece was torched and bombed killing at least 2 people. Reports suggest that petrol bombs were also used. The newspaper had carried out a survey as to which son among the two will lead the political party after their father, the present leader. The results was not liked by one faction of the party and resulted in this barbaric, inhumane act. I have started thinking why call it inhumane, i should start calling it humane as these acts are increasing exponentially.

The main question to be asked is, Does our media have freedom of speech and expression? Is the society becoming intolerant and doesn't wish to see others point of view. These acts are not a good sign for a democratic nation like India. How can painters, musicians, film makers, media persons work in this atmosphere? How can democracy survive without them? How can we expect another renaissance, if they are not allowed freedom? Every political party has acted irresponsibly and continue to do so, keeping short term selfish goals in mind ? They use their muscle power to bring the entire village, town, city, state or even nation to standstill. They are the people who make mockery of democracy. The dalit fiasco in Ulhasnagar and Mumbai, the frequent bandhs in Kerala and W.Bengal, riots by shopkeepers in Delhi all have the same story to tell. When will they learn ?

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