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Wednesday, 2 May, 2007

MotoSLVR L7 specifications

Motorola SLVR L7 (now L7i has come) is the best phone in the under Rs 8000 range.
It is a class apart!
Its so slim ( 11.5 mm thick) and trendy; yet not compromised on the quality point.
Its so beautiful compared to the bulky N series Nokia mobiles and others.
Its keypad appears as if its wafer thin.
Its typical blue color from the keypad region adds to the beauty.
Also to be noted is that the keypad is light sensitive (ie. in region of darkness or less light, the blue light beneath keypad glows)

The screen or OSD is 176x200 TFT with 262K colours. I can personally bet that the screen display is better than V3i, Nokia 6600 or W550i.

The speaker is good enough and the headphone is excellent. The music quality is far better than Nokia or Sony phones of the same cost. Clarity is remarkable.

Bluetooth is little slow compared to Nokia and Sony phones. I havent tried bluetooth on other moto phones. Will tell u soon. Also all files cant be transferred or recieved on L7. However after modding and flashing this can be achieved.

The camera is VGA 640x480 max. resolution, 4x.zoom. However unlike the Nokia phones, which have the lens and its big border bulging out of the mobile; this fits very beautifully on the mobile.

For specific info;
official motorola company's spec


Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

hey i got a nokia 6233 with a pretty nice camera. though the camera still seems to stick out from the body ,it's a pretty oK phone. seems nice and stuff

scott said...

I have Motorola SLVR L7i. i want to unlock my phoneto use in my local network. i try to get instructions. i find the site which gives me the instructions but it says need unlock code to unlock my phone. i try to get unlock code from varius sites but it is very expensive i want chepeast unlock code and good working one also. can u help me to get the unlock code .

SBF said...

Hi there Scott.

So you want to unlock L7i.
Actually I had an unlocked piece so I never bothered for the network unlocking.

Anyways, I am sure the forum in the site can help you with unlocking. They have a separate section dedicated to tutorials, unlocking and L7i phones.

Do check it. (This is not an ad but a sincere advice)

However, please check the legality of unlocking network. It might also make your warranty void.

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