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Wednesday, 28 February, 2007


Blog 1

Subject : Remembering My College Days

I finished my 11th ,12th from a college in suburban mumbai . These two years were the most decisive years of my life. It changed my entire perspective of life and fueled my likening towards programming and computers.

On the very first day, i met Fish and in between our conversation i came to know that he had come from gulf and has studied up to 10th in CBSE school. The two things Gulf and CBSE mean a lot to me. Gulf is special to all Malayalis as USA n UK is to Gujuratis and Punjabis. CBSE is more flexible, knowledge oriented, and tougher to crack than State syllabus. Hence Fish pictured in as clever person from Kerala-2(i mean gulf). Then sequentially i met PepJ who is also a Malu and BigDaddy. We always used to sit in the first two benches of the row near the wall with the door in front. We sat there for only one specific reason, to look outside when we used to get bored of the lecture.

Chemistry Practical was one of my favorite sessions. Fish and I used to perform all sorts exploding, bubbling experiments banned by teachers. I even liked Software Pracs. as we had C++, VB, Html. I used to find Physics Pracs. little tedious and generally had to manipulate the readings. The class was good and always in joyous mood. The teachers were good in their capacities.
The college had a UP majority(Hindi speaking North Indian state) students and same with teachers. Unfortunately, they were always the butt of the joke. The hot topic those days was about a lecture by our Physics professor in an adjoining class. He had a thickish UP Hindi ascent while talking and really talked like a illiterate being forced to teach physics.

(1) Open all the Doors of the windows. Let the environment come in.
(2) I have two daughters, both are girls.
(3) (holding a duster in hand) Imagine this is a duster!
(4) Draw a straight circle.
And many more!

Thursday, 1 February, 2007

PCT Notes

I am providing links for the PCT (Presentation, Communication Techniques) notes and slides created by Dr. Rita Shrama (Humanities Dept.) and provided by DC.
Will be updated from time to time.


Time Manag.

Time Manag.1


Technical Report

Meeting Doc



Team Building

Emotional Intel

Formal Report

Book Form Report

Types of Comm.




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