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Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

Religious Conversions

This is to clarify my stand on the post Pastor Attacked

I do agree that conversions in Hinduism aint that high, but is still there. It aint just limited to converting back the tribal.

I can understand when its said that some religion asks for conversions and may be the driving force for them. However, what I feel is that, it’s a human interpretation of the religion and not the real motive of any religion!

According to me, a conversion can occur only when a man entangled in the lust of this ephemeral world can untie himself and trod upon the path shown by Him - The Path of Peace, Tranquility, Renouncement and to Reach out to Him. This is what every religion asks for and not numbers. This is what I mean by no religion asks for conversions, based on numbers but conversions that can transform and enlighten the needy. If you read the Holy books, you will find that every religion sends the same message but in different styles, ways. But the core remains the same.

It does not mean shifting a religion just for numbers. What is the use of such conversions, if you still remain morally corrupt even after conversion? Conversion must occur within. However, people are obsessed with numbers. For them it might signify showing worthiness and power of the religion. However, they are actually corroding away their own religion; the very base of their religion. The very cause of conversion is defeated. If people feel, by enrolling all the sinners who haven’t improved even an iota can bring enlightenment or heaven on the judgement day; then I beg to differ.

I suppoz many feel that Hinduism is threatened by such conversions. I don’t think so. Hinduism stands firm rooted because of its belief in openness and elasticity to assimilate new emerging ideas. It was never old never new. It is timeless! Everything has a downfall followed by resurgence. Another Shri Adi Shankaracharya will appear to enlighten the people. Hence, when these so called saffron bastions assume the charge of saving Hinduism, its farce, unrealistic and inappropriate. They create more harm than anybody else does. What is needed is to understand religion more closely !
Can you justify what they did to the pastors? Its an act of cowardliness. Instead, provide the common man with basic needs and then provide him with spiritual food. A empty hungry stomach needs food first and only then, it can assimilate spirituality. My post was to condemn the attacks and also draw a point on conversions.
I assume I might have cleared the air now. Do write back for further clarifications

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