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Thursday, 26 February, 2009

Finally, a solution for winamp 5.541 and gtalk music track status clash

Aha! Finally I have put to rest an issue that has been dogging me for some time.

Whenever I played the latest updated version of Winamp along with GTalk (Google application) with its status kept as "Show current music track", my GTalk used to freeze and refuses to work in tandem with Winamp. This was untill I came across a nice tech site (unfortunately I forgot the name) which suggested me the solution. The site author writes he recently chanced upon the solution provided by another man on the net.

The solution is so simple that it may seem stupid bit it works and is nothing less than magic!

  1. Goto the winamp installed folder
  2. Create a file called winamp.m3u
  • Goto windows explorer menu and uncheck the hide file type before creating a new file and renaming it as winamp.m3u
Voila! Thats it. Now start the winamp and gtalk wont freeze when status is kept as music track!


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