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Saturday, 10 November, 2007

Is Diwali festival of lights or festival of noise & noise & noise & NOISE !

When I write this post, my ears are being subjected to 100db noise (I think more than that) emanating from crackers being lit in my locality. Its like US recapture of Fallujah; every now and then there is a large explosion, rockets flying here and there. Then there are these electric crackers (high db crackers) which are like machine guns going rat-at-tat and the rassi bombs (crackers given extra tightness and covering with jute ropes or threads) nearly killing my ears. Then there are these rockets which go up and light up the sky. The thrust they produce shake my building. It’s like V2 bombing of London while we are below in bunkers. Though the sky gets lit up beautifully, I wish the I could mute the horrendous killer cracker noises!

In a densely populated city like Mumbai with serious crunch for open spaces; where there is not sufficient space for housing itself, even a medium decibel cracker can be a nightmare!
Lets take up my own locality. I am surrounded by buildings on three sides and an abandoned school on the other. The surrounding buildings are all very near by( I suppoz less than 40ft). Hence even a small decibel cracker echoes badly. Most of Mumbai is like this or even more densely packed. For me ,Diwali nights are like World Wars being fought over again. Aah! The headache is killing me!

I simply cannot understand how a person finds pleasure and happiness bursting crackers that in simple language is creating noise! I can understand Flower-Pots! They don't create noise but a visual treat for many. Hence they are popular among the tots. They too dont like noise! They seem to be more sensible than the elders who prefer noise over such visual treats! Also rockets need larger ground clearance to absorb the recoil force and noise during thrust! Hence, in localities like mine, its the biggest noise polluter. I am not against the festival or crackers, but you need space for them and much of Mumbai lacks them! Indians spend a large amount of money on crackers! Please dont justify as part of tradition! I wish they could spend that money on educating the underprivileged. They spend lots just to produce noise! Its simply insensible and atrocious! Its not just the teens, kids but largely the educated elders who are committing this crime! There are strict rules regarding decibels, pollution and time limit(cant go on after 10 pm) and people do know them, but neither the people nor the administration bothers about the rules! Infact, this time it has started only after 10 pm!

This is the worst time for the birds, plants, stray animals and humans like me who are sensitive to noise over 96db! But i suppose, we are in minority and hence they wont pay any heed! Diwali has become festival of NOISE! The festival nights are hell broken loose!


Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

yes. do something good for the dogs in your locality. tie crackers to their tails. (SIC)

Viren said...

First of Happy Diwali, and on this festival people do noise pollution by burn cracker. Although this is really major festival of india.Diwali Celebration is incomplete without exchange of special Diwali Gifts. but it is difficult for NRI people to meet relative face to face on this festival. But they cand send online diwali gifts to india to their relatives and near and dear one.

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