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Saturday, 10 November, 2007

Indian Politicians - I am simply Speechless !

Has anyone heard of Ruling Party going on strike in its own state !

Well this recently happened in Tamil Nadu. The ruling party DMK, proclaimed strike(bandh or hartal) to pressurize the Union and show strength. DMK is in favor of going ahead with Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project over Adam's Bridge or Ram Setu. I am neither for or against the project, but the need for bandh evades my understanding! When you are the ruling party in the state and the your party is a member of the coalition in New-Delhi and that too no decision has yet been reached, why do you want to trouble the poor people. I am happy the Supreme Court took notice of it!
Hartals, Bandhs has lost its meaning! The political parties have diluted the concept!

One more case of Political Cheating or dirty politics !

This happened recently in Karnataka. Till October3, 2007 Karnataka was being ruled by BJP & JD-S coalition. As per their power sharing agreement, JD-S would rule till Oct 3 and then hand over power to BJP. However on Oct 4, JD-S headed by Kumaraswamy refused to vacate citing that BJP would destroy the communal harmony of the state. Finally, he resigned on Oct 7 and till date, President's rule is employed over Karnataka!
It is interesting to know that H.D. DeveGowda (father of Kumaraswamy) lead JD-S supported government (Congress coalition) was brought down by his own son(Kumaraswamy) and some more rebel leaders with the help of BJP! Then, DeveGowda resigned from JD-S leader post citing moral responsibility over the debacle. After some time when the matter cooled down, he withdrew his resignation and carried on! After that till Oct 3, he was openly justifying the BJP & JD-S coalition (Earlier he was a staunch opposer of BJP). After Oct 3, the pendulum swayed to the other side again! Now BJP has again become bad and unholy for him and his son!
Also this is not the first time BJP has been fooled! Earlier, even BSP has done the same in UP state(BSP ruled for half the tenure and then instead of power transfer brought the assembly down). They simply fail to get the point and move with short sighted goals! Disgusting!!

This coalition is unholy and make a mockery of the democracy and the people. Its funny that JD-S has suddenly understood that BJP could destabilize Karnataka, that too after its period in power! (I have read that both the parties are trying to form the coalition again but the governor has not answered back). The politicians follow a simple rule, ' Nobody is an enemy forever in Politics'.

This is a soap opera going on, but running on our Money! This must be curbed. People must recognise these moles of our democracy and outcast them.

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