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Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Day 3 - Learning Malayalam Language(Modus-Operandi1)

Hi Guys! So let me unravel my modus-operandi for learning the consonants.

First, I went through the different consonants and tried to group the similar ones.
Rra (റ) and Ra (ര)
Pa (പ) and Va (വ)
Cha (ച) and Chha(ഛ) and so on.

This helped me recognise some of the basic letters.
They were:

Rra (റ) [most basic, used in creating many letter ]
Pa (പ) [smaller hump, longer '_'line ]
Va (വ) [bigger hump, smaller '_'line ]
Cha (ച) [similar to Pa, but hump doent touch ground]
Ga (ഗ) [similar to infinity symbol or S turned by 90deg anti-clockwise ]
da (ദ)
Na (ന)
Ta (ത)
I used them as building blocks for other letters!

Then I took 5 letters at a time(ie. a row at a time).

ക ഖ ഗ ഘ ങ (Ka Kha Ga Gha Nga)

I found (Ka) to be similar to hindi Ka( ). Just replace the middle with oval 0

Curl the left leg of Rra() part of Va() initially to obtain it.

The infinity type

Write a Pa(), then take its antenna( ie the up pointing tail), draw a small hump to left followed by a L and a mirror image of L.
All those knowing hindi can do this ->
After writing Pa(), draw a इ kar on tail of Pa followed by L turned left. the hriswa इ
kar is in between hump and tail of Pa()

Put a knote on left leg n write Rra() first; then join it to da()

The instructions given were to get you familiarised with the letters.
Therefore donot draw them.
Dont try drawing them in parts. Write them in one go.

After every 5 new letters I learn,I used to write them down many a times untill I remember them
ച ഛ ജ ഝ ഞ (Cha Chha Ja Jha Nja)

write Cha() first, then deerg इ kar followed by a knote on right leg.

write left leg knotted Rra()followed by another joined Rra(). then take it below as shown in letter.

write left leg knotted Rra() and join it to Ta()

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