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Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

Day 1 - Learning Malayalam Language

Hi, there, so finally posting after a long long dormancy!

With the Exams over and a week in hand before getting back to studies, i decided to utilize this period constructively like never before.

I decided to learn to read and write in my mother-tongue, Malayalam.
Even though i tried it before also; i never tried it seriously enough.
This time however, i am determined to learn it.
Being born and brought up in an another state(Maharashtra), I can read, write and talk in English, Hindi, Marathi and to some extent Gujarati.
However I neglected my mother-tongue, and hence presently can only talk in Malayalam.

The language being my mother-tongue and since, i can talk fluently in it; I hope learning would be easier.
My Mother actively and enthusiastically teaches me with patience.
Even though, i found excellent sites for online help; I still feel a person around is better.

Everyday, I will be posting about my experience in learning the wonderful language,  Malayalam.
Check this out! The word Malayalam is a palindrome. WoW!
So expect posts from tomorrow!

I also found this site extremely useful -- Omniglot

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