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Thursday, 11 September, 2008

Borivali Railway Station (Platform-Train) TimeTable1

Borivali to Churchgate trains. Trains starting from Borivali for the time being.

I always wanted to create a Platform based Railway time table for Borivali Station. Though my work is not complete, but just a start; I wish to share my work with others who need the time table. This table has Timings of Trains that Start from Borivali on platforms 1,2,3,7,8.

I invite browsers and surfers who have further information or data to contribute. They will be duly credited.


All Blog Spots said...

dear blogger,

your blog is already shoeing up in buzzerhut have a look

Buzzerhut Team

KAPS said...

this data is collected on monday and tuesday
7.12AM 1ST
7.27AM 1ST
7.32AM 2ND
7.40AM 7TH
7.51AM 7TH OR 8TH
8.33AM 8TH
8.36AM 3RD
8.45AM 2ND
8.49AM 2ND
8.57AM 2ND
3.09PM 1ST
3.14PM 3RD
3.20PM 7TH
3.28PM 2ND
6.21PM 2ND
6.26PM 3RD
6.30PM 1ST
6.44PM 1ST

i will try to collect more timings of trains to complete this project

SBF said...

Thanks kaps.
sorry i didnt update for some time.
i will do it at the earliest.


Sucheta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sucheta said...

The 8:03 am slow train for Churchgate leaves from platform 8. You seem to have missed out on that one.

There are trains for Churchgate (almost always fast) leaving from Platform 6 as well.

SBF said...

thanks sucheta,
as i have already mentioned the database building is in progress and depends upon active participation of readers and contributers.

I will add up the 8:03 local to the sheet

regarding the 6th platform locals: I am aware of their existence but presently dont have data on them. I will put it up as soon as I get it or someone helps by contributing.

anyway thanks for the 8:03 local

Jigar said...

can you mention ladies special trains as well from Borivali

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