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Sunday, 4 May, 2008

Ending of the Semester !

Yup! Thats an engineering student towards the end of semester !

The semester is ending and study leave will start ! Nay man! still no respite! In fact this is the tightest time of the semester. Daily Oral Examinations, Experiment Exams, Journal Certification, Submissions and what not!

Everyday, notice-board vigil is kept. Any day the examination dates and Practical exams n vivas can be displayed. Its also the time when the empire strikes back ! Professors start displaying Attendance Lists and Defaulters' List is proudly highlighted . Those who fall short of attendance (75%) can be seen running from pillar to post.

Everyone assumes the role of Note Scouter . Every suspicious page or bundle is assumed to be some study note and charged upon. Photocopying shops are crowded with every thing possible being photocopied! Libraries are noisy with paratroopers creating strategies on which book to issue and where it probably lies! Intellectuals fail to safeguard their study notes and Copyright fails to look right!

This is the worst time to pick a fight with Lab Assistants and Peons.

Why is it some people find pleasure in other's hardship and pain? What causes them to play brother to devil ? Sadistic Pleasure is what they seek. How much i abhor them! Engineering Colleges play host to many such two legged sadists. Most of them are the Lab Assistants and clerks . Every day we face their tantrums. A greeting fails to bring smile on their face. At most expect a grin! Sarcasm are the vowels in their language. Asking for apparatus or college utility or urging them to carry out their work is considered sin. They consider themselves elite, in fact many professors don't dare to come in their way! Practical examinations are when they lash out at students who have rebelled against them. Cross their path once and you will be marked forever. They will go out of the way to put hurdles in your path. Project and Semester File submissions are made Hell. I am fed up of being nice to them !

This time of the semester, Engineering seems more of paper work and HR management. This is surely MBA where marks are our sales target; projects, files and assignment are assets to be safeguarded and Peons, Lab assistants are the people to be buttered up to achieve Perfect Sales!
Still got some more semesters before I pass out! Profits are to be Maximised and Pangas (Fights or Tiffs) are to be minimized! Got to hold my nerves intact and put up a smiling face !

Message 4 Amar : Amar Sudhar Ja! Before It is too Late !

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