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Sunday, 18 May, 2008

Borivali Platform No 8 Train Time-Table

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Hi there, Borivali Railway Station commuters ! How many times have you fretted and fumed when the Western Mumbai Local Trains terminate at Borivali Station Platform 8 ?

Majority of Borivali (W) Commuters come from LT Road, Chandavarkar Road or from SV Road (Dahisar Side). Its really time consuming and taxing to walk from Platform 8 then 7 and finally 1 before touching the road. It takes almost 10-15 minutes to cross. It is always better to catch the next train which arrives upon platform 1 / 2 / 3 / 7 than one that touches 8th platform.

Platforms 8,7,1 (South to North) lie one after the other like bogies of a train. The start of Platform 8 is the end of platform 7 and start of platform 7 is the end of platform 1. (See diagram)
Platform 8 is almost in between the Kandivali and Borivali (platform1) stations. The only direct west exit for the 8th platform is at the beginning of the 8th platform ie. end of 7th platform. Outside this exit point some autos can be seen parked. However only some agree to take passengers. Also its a wastage of money to take an auto from there! Hence many continue the great walk onto the 7th platfom. 7th platform has another exit point at its start. This happens to be opposite to Anupam Stationary and much nearer to LT Road than earlier exit. Some end their walk here while many continue towards the First Platform.
The walk is approximately same as walking from Borivali Adidas Showroom(near Fly-over and Mc-Donald's Restaurant) to Chandavarkar Road. (Almost entire Borivali stretch along SV Road !)

To make things worst, by the time we have finished crossing 8th platform and reached 7th. Another Local Train touches there. Suddenly the platform is crowded and chok a block as everyone want to exit from 7th platform entry or from platform 1. After successfully managing to reach platform 1, we find oneself caught in same situation on platform1. Another Train arrives on Platform 1 and its hell broke loose!

Put yourself in this situation. It is the Evening Peak hour and very hot and humid. You have struggled to catch a train to Borivali. The train is jam packed. You are crushed like anything and sweating profusely! You just wish to reach home as early as possible. The Local Train from Churchgate side arrives at Borivali much to your relief. However you relief soon turn to disappointment as the train stops at platform 8.

I have collected some data related to train which end up at Borivali Station Platform 8 and incorporated it with the Railway Time Table. As and How I get more data it will be uploaded ! Users and surfers wishing to help in would be gladly accepted. As a mark of courtesy their names will be published!

The given Data is to the best of my knowledge. However no one can be held responsible for errors occurring in the data. If any, plz let me know. It will be rectified !

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