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Friday, 21 March, 2008

Tibet and China

The Tibetan anger and discontent over Chinese rule that have been collecting over the years has finally exploded. I see writers comparing it with powder keg that was ready to explode. Protesters run riot over entire T.A.R. (Tibetan Autonomous Region). It follows the simple rule, suppression simply builds up resentment and unrest like a potential energy build up, which finally blasts off into anarchy, riots, blood and deaths when it reaches near its Activation Energy.

With China's growing military, economic, social and political influence over the world; its unlikely that Tibet can in near future secede easily from P.R.C. The diminishing western influence only makes it conducive and easy for China to take on Tibet. Hence what Dalai Lama says of greater autonomy in Tibet to protect its indigenous people, culture and religion makes sense. China instead seems to seek the opposite pole. The destructive and explosive Chinese policies in Tibet like imposing alien culture & education and neglection of Tibetan interests rubs salt in the Tibetans' wound. The growing influence of Han Chinese in Tibet, worst Human rights abuses against Tibetans, de-recognizing Dalai Lama and meddling with their religion and its policies add fuel to the fire.

I am in favor of Greater Autonomy as an immediate solution to this grave problem. China must recognize Dalai Lama and enter into a fruitful dialogue with the Tibetans representatives. The Chinese government must ensure greater religious freedom and must take steps to preserve their culture. China must understand that force alone cannot solve every problem. Today you suppress their feelings, you crush their rebellion with iron fist. The crisis will seem to be defused, however it simply lies hibernating; regrouping and restrengthening to fight back with more force and more violence. This will go on like an exponential curve. After all you cannot rule a region, without the goodwill of the people residing there. This fire cannot be extinguished by pouring fire over it! There is no alternative to Freedom and rights! Freedom to Speech, right to practise religion and right to live!

This explosion will have its ripples heard even in Beijing Olympics. Unlike previous Olympics where issues like Gay rights or Aborigines were addressed, this time its not one or two issues, but a plethora of issues that will spring up. Right from environmental issues to economic issues and government intervention and repression and Human Rights Abuse issues will make many uncomfortable . Issues like Dafur and Tibet will be taken up for sure. The sponsors and the Chinese government have rough seas ahead!

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