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Monday, 24 March, 2008

Revisiting Infrared Camera

This month's Chip magazine has an article on Using white LED's on breadboard to act as supplementary light system for shooting pics in less light.

It struck me with an idea! Why not do the same with Infrared Led's ?
So I bought one breadboard. (I dont prefer Soldering for such small works) and 5 White LED's and 5 Infrared ones.

Simply plug the LEDs (check out the anode-cathode) in the breadboard and connect it to a external supply.

Voila! There you have it!

Since I didnt find proper wires, I used a metallic scale and Screw Driver as connectors and Telephone Wire as Current source!

1. and 2. White LEDs in action
3. Infrared LEDs connected with tubelight
4. Infrared LEDs connected in Darkness

Now many will think, this can be achieved even with White LEDs. though white LEDs seem better Light Supplementary; Infrared is invisible to naked eye, so adds up the thrill. Think of it as a better option for Stealth Camera!


Mustafa said...

your pics remind me of my engineering college days. I remember I used to spend hours in electronics lab fidgeting with that bread-board.
using a screw-driver and ruler is very innovative indeed ;)
are you using Live AC current? I thought those LEDs run on DC battery power?

SBF said...

Its Telephone wire. DC runs through it.

SBF said...

thanks for the comments

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