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Saturday, 7 July, 2007

Revisiting the metal beast called Mumbai's Life-Line

So finally, after a lot of chaos, rioting, violence in the previous year,the quadrupling work between Virar and Borivali appears to be over. Posters warning of the new 'very high voltage' overhead cables have been put to warn the elite roof travellers to refrain from dare devil acts on train roofs. Our Union Railway Minister, flagged off the first train. My friend has captured some moments before flagging off --> Click here

For the occasion, the Borivali station was cleaned(literally washed clean!)and painted. It was like a bride getting ready to married off!
The same had happened in Mahim, after the train bombings. The station was cleaned, whitewashed and maintained spic n span for a dignitary was going to visit the station.

So if any big-shot visits the station regularly, it will be maintained. cleaned and white-washed! Hence, I request them to pay a visit to every station at least once a month. We, in general public would be grateful to them!

I stumbled upon this interseting blog -->Virar local
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Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

the stations allright. they rule

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maneesh said...

ok kind of off topic here..
wanted to kno what my tax id shud b while signing up for ad brite.. can u help me out wit it?

SBF said...

Simply Leave it Blank. Its only for US citizens.

Murali Menon (മുരളി മേനോന്‍) said...

Pls post something on current relevant topics without much gap between posts.


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