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Saturday, 18 August, 2007

Honeymoon is over and Is Splitsville coming ?

Hello netizens, What a Week it has been ! Assignments, writing notices, minutes, agendas, collecting data and creating guidelines for the projects! Wow, a really busy schedule! Also, 60th anniversary of Indian Independence passed away peacefully without much terror acts! But there was something still to come! The on paper secular coalition Government of India got a nasty shocker from its prime ally - The Left Front.

The Left Front who can always be seen nagging over some or the other issues with threats of strike or withdrawing support which seemed hollow till now suddenly started becoming serious about it. The bone of contention is again the US and the 123 agreement. The Hyde Act and its clauses haven't impressed the Comrades. It seems the statement from our very own Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh asking the Left to 'take it or leave it' seems to have stirred the hornets' nest.

The Politburo of the Left Front has given the Govt. time till Aug. 22-23 either to go ahead with deal and breakup with Left or renegotiate over the deal.
Even though the Left fumes Red over any dealing with US, all its concerns are not unfounded. The main mistake that the government did was, by going ahead with the deal without taking the Indian Scientists or the Political system into confidence.
Check this article for info on Hyde Act issues. The Hindu8-8-07

If this deadlock doesn't break, India will have only two ways to make a move, both can be a fire walk for the Govt Of India.
First, suspend the deal as of now, but face embarrassment and lose a chance to stand firm and strong before the World powers esp. China. India will be considered as volatile and will be known as a country which fails to keep promises.
Second, go on with 123 agreement and risk breaking away with Left Front. The Govt. (UPA) will be turn into a minority forcing way to mid-way polls. Neither of the party is ready for election.

All eyes are set on the Left Front slated to decide on continuing or breaking the alliance on Aug 22-23.

Lets see whether The alliance continues after the honeymoon or will it file Divorce Papers!

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