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Wednesday, 14 March, 2007

Is UP really Uttam Pradesh ?????

Many of the Indian TV viewers might have already seen the long ads on the Indian state of Uttar-Pradesh, featuring one of the Bollywood's finest Actor। if no, Plz check it out!

I do agree, that UP has produced one of the finest Hindi poets,literature and what not and being an Indian, I am proud of it! Speaking of state's or country's glory or achievements or glorious history or its economic power is fine।

But in the advertisements, more focus is given on the Data that Crime-Rate in UP is among the lowest in the country! Sounds Parodoxical! right ? Infact, crime-rate in states like Kerala is found to be very very high ! Wondering, whether the data is reliable and correct। I can put it in this way that, the statistics and logistics have been done correctly and is reliable; but data has been misused!

The hard hitting ground reality is, the data on crime-rate is based on FIR's(reports) registered per state। Therefore, in a state like Kerala where knowledge about fundamental rights and duties is high has higher no of reports registerd, unlike UP where many of the FIR's registered become the first and last report and in most likely case, reports are not even registered।

This was acknowledged in a leading newspaper by a high rank former police officer of UP!

Now what do u say ???

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